Thursday, February 24, 2005

TV: Lost

Among the many things I enjoy about Lost is the emerging interconnectedness of the castaways' lives before they even got on that plane.

In an early episode, we saw a flashback to Jack at the airline check-in desk; in a later episode, following Sun, we saw that she was in line directly behind Jack at that moment. In another episode, we saw Sawyer and Boone (I think it was those two) at the same police station at the same time. Two weeks ago, we saw Sawyer have a fateful encounter with Jack's father. And this week was the most subtle connection so far.

When Jin went to the minister's house to deliver his father-in-law's message, the minister's daughter was watching TV. I almost missed it, but something caught my eye and made me rewind the TiVo. Did anybody else see who was on that TV?


That's bitchin'. I can't wait till we get to Hurley's backstory, and we find out what the hell that was about.

By the way, this episode was called "...In Translation." I didn't get it until I saw it spelled out on TiVo's info bar -- "Lost: '...In Translation.'" Funny.

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