Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I got nothing

Like the title says. I just don't want to go two days without posting anything.

Rather than regular posts, I've been working on my 100 Things I Love About Comics post. I wanted to add images and links to it, so that it's worth taking time to investigate. Sadly, my HTML knowledge barely exceeds how to boldface or italicize words, so I've been having to learn while I work. I hope to post it by Friday. At which time, everyone will say, "He took a week to make this??"

I will say I've been greatly enjoying reading the lists from all you other goofballs. I won't try to list them all here; leave that to good ol' Mikey Sterling.

In other news, I'm up to episode 7 of Deadwood's first season. Man, if the first two episodes didn't completely overwhelm me, I sure am overwhelmed now. There are so many fantastic performances, in every role, great or small. William Sanderson's E.B. Farnum has become my favorite character; with his off-kilter line-readings combined with the character's crafty intelligence and barely concealed rage, he's just dazzling to behold. W. Earl Brown as Swearengen's bartender, Dan Dority, is also tremendously impressive in a relatively minor role, as is Jim Beaver as prospector Ellsworth (when asked by the new gambling house's "madame," "Will you keep a girl company?" he replies with great amusement, "I will... but I'm expensive"). And hey, who should show up in episode 7 as a prostitute/con artist, but Veronica Mars herself? I think she'd better be careful; Deadwood's a lot rougher than Jupiter, CA.

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