Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So you can take that cameo and stick it up your YEAH!!

I watched this week's episode of House on TiVo last night. It was a tremendous episode, smartly written, tensely dramatic, with a scarily realistic bus smash-up and a great twist at the end. Plus former OoMA Lisa Edelstein in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. That ain't bad. But it all leaves me with one nagging question:

What in the hell was up with that Fred Durst cameo?

And cameo it was, despite his high billing in the opening credits -- he even got a "with!" As in: "with Fred Durst." And all he did was hang out behind the bar in one scene, and speak two words: "You are." The average performer has to speak more than two words to qualify as more than an uncredited extra! Fred Durst speaks two words, and he gets a "with!" Does SAG know about this?

The way this episode wound up, it looks like the story is a two-parter, continued next week, with House still trying to recover his memory. So I imagine he'll have to go back to the bar and speak to bartender Fred Durst, to try to fill in the gaps. I guess that's where Durst will earn his screen credit. Uh... hooray?

Still: Why? Why Fred Durst? Are he and Hugh Laurie drinking buddies? And why that role? If they're doing stunt-casting, why not have him do something a bit flashier? Like Dave Matthews did a while back? Which reminds me: Why Dave Matthews?? What is with this show? I think the casting director makes decisions based on his iPod's shuffle mode! "We've got to cast the role of a neurosurgeon who also suffers from Tourette's syndrome. [listens to earbuds] Hey, what's the lead singer of the Spin Doctors up to these days?"

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