Saturday, November 24, 2007

For cry-yi

Frustrating! After getting my internet access established, now I've got some kind of virus or something screwing with the computer. Updates are once again on hold. Grr!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy NOTHING, non-Americans!


Or, as I believe it is called in Berkeley (in the tradition of Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day), Happy Preamble To Smallpox-Infected Blankets, Land Theft, And Genocide Day! With cranberry sauce.

I am thankful for... finally getting an internet connection established which may actually allow me to get back to regular updates here. (We'll see.)

I am thankful for... the sheer awesomeness that is my new home city, Austin, including the endless selection of art shows, concerts, hip bars, dive bars, middle-of-the-road bars, disc golf courses (I know, I'm surprised myself), beautiful young women puzzled and disturbed by my aged visage in their midst, and perhaps best of all, the Alamo Drafthouse, the greatest chain of movie theaters in the known universe. I caught the midnight showing of No Country For Old Men last night, and both the film itself, and the experience of watching it at the Alamo, were incredibly brilliant. Easily the best movie of the year so far. (Not that I've seen all that many movies, but still.)

CAVEAT: Still not wild about: the horrible, horrible traffic; the Sunday blue laws; the humidity (thank goodness the weather has otherwise been so mild and pleasant); and the continuing, inexplicable awfulness of my alma mater's football team. (Which, in all fairness, probably can't be blamed directly on Austin.)

I am thankful for... the TV time change. I haven't been watching much TV since I've moved, but when I do, it's on an hour earlier than in California. New Simpsons at 7:00. Sweet! I'm not wild about how that affects sports, though. I have to wait until noon for football to begin on Sundays! There goes my excuse for drinking in the morning. (Not really.)

And so forth. You can fill in the blanks yourself. (Hints: beer, new Scott Pilgrim, gratuitous nudity, Turner Classic Movies, Angelina Jolie, Metalocalypse, Battlestar Galactica: Razor on the Sci Fi Channel this Saturday, gratuitous nudity from Angelina Jolie, the sound effect "doink," family and friends, Jack Daniels.)

Hope all of you have a nice turkey day. Talk to you again soon!

Friday, November 09, 2007

But I already hate the traffic

Hey all! I'm here in Austin, safe and sound. I'm still unpacking, but the weather is beautiful, and I'm drinking a Lone Star, so that's pretty decent.

I've already made my first kick-ass Austin plans: Billy Joe Shaver and friends, Monday night at Threadgill's. Should be a blast! Plus, my buddy Rusty has an art show tomorrow night, capped off by a dance party inside an above-ground swimming pool. Yeah, I don't know what that's all about, either, but it sounds cool. Seriously, in this town, it's going to be difficult not to have something incredible to do, pretty much every single night.

More later, after I get settled in, and have my first good night's sleep in a week. Hook 'em horns!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Relocating the Home Office

Say, I've been posting updates here every single day since September 10. That may not match some of you other bloggers, but it's darn good for me. I believe that's my longest consecutive daily posting streak on this blog.

And now it ends! Didn't see that coming, did you? Oh, you did? Because I always do this? Oh. Well.

Yes, I'm taking a bit of a break here, because I'm preparing to move from my native California to foreign soil: Austin, Texas. Woohoo! I'm tremendously excited, and a little overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Moving really sucks. But it'll all be over with soon. In less than two weeks, I'll be living in Austin! Holy cow!

Don't know when I'll be back to posting here. I may check in with brief updates now and again, but it's going to be a while before I get settled in enough to get back to a regular schedule. At least I got the Fall TV season out of the way.

So don't forget me while I'm gone. In fact, as long as you're here right now, why don't you click the little doohickey at the top of this post and vote for this blog? You can cast a new vote every day. And you should! If I can get this blog in the top ten, it'll help bring new visitors here. Who will see... that I'm on a long hiatus. Hmm. I didn't think this through very well. Ah, just vote anyway!

Keep the internet tidy while I'm gone. And wish me luck!

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