Monday, October 29, 2007

Another You Tube Cop-Out Post

Here's another low effort, cop-out You Tube post for you tonight, to tide you over (and keep my daily posting streak alive) while I prepare an extensive post for tomorrow.

This is the scene from Stranger Than Fiction in which Will Ferrell plays guitar and sings for Maggie Gyllenhaal; it's why the song "Whole Wide World" by Wreckless Eric is under Lyric of the Moment on my sidebar.

I just love everything about this scene. I love that Ferrell's eyes are tightly shut while he sings. I love that Gyllenhaal only slowly becomes aware of his singing from the other room. I love that she's so quiet, so enraptured as she approaches him, you can hear the floor squeaking. I love that she begins mouthing the words along with him, picking up the song in the middle of the chorus. I love how he falters as he finally opens his eyes to see her. I love that the original song cuts in, loud and powerful, as she kisses him. I love that the kiss is in slight slow motion, heightening the passion. I love that he still calls her "Miss Pascal." It's all so terribly sweet and romantic. What a wonderfully perfect film moment.

Big Halloween-themed post tomorrow.

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