Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why Comics Are Good

Last week, when I linked to this review of Spider-Man: Reign at the Savage Critic(s) blog, and subsequently started seeing a bunch of other links to it popping up all over the place, I flattered myself by thinking I had started the avalanche of awareness of Graeme's awesomely outraged look at a very nasty development.

Then Jeff (Graeme's fellow Savage Critic) pointed out that Journalista was the first to link to it, the day before me.

Dang it! I swear I never saw that Journalista piece. I actually thought I was ahead of the curve on this one. Turns out I was behind Journalista. And Bookslut. And Wired. And Time. D'oh! So much for my grand illusions. Did nobody read about it in my blog first?

Hey, turns out someone did: Fred Hembeck! As Roger Green points out in the comments to my post, the good Mr. Hembeck not only tumbled on to Graeme's review via my blog, he gave me credit for it in the latest installment of THE FRED HEMBECK SHOW! (The hilariously titled Episode 92: "Peter Parker's Pecker Problem.")

Yay for me! And thank you, Fred (and Roger). Maybe comics aren't so bad after all. We just need more of Fred's humor, and less of Spider-Man killing his bride with radioactive spider-semen.

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