Monday, February 12, 2007

Studio 60 no more!

If you've been waiting for my recap of all the annoying things in part 2 of that Studio 60 episode I watched last week... well, I've got some bad news for you. My TiVo made the tough decision for me, and deleted the episode before I could watch it. And I say: thank you, TiVo. Always looking out for my best interests.

There's a new episode on tonight, but you know what? I'm out. I'm done, finished, through. I am officially giving up on this show, about ten episodes after all the sane people gave up on it. It's just a stupid waste of time to keep sitting through an awful program, week after week, waiting for it to get better, when in fact it only keeps getting worse. To remind you: the last episode I watched ended with Danny, who has been stalking his boss, Jordan, trapped up on the roof with her in the most pathetic of sitcom cliches; Matt, the comedic genius who can't write funny, harrassing Harriet, the comedic genius who can't act funny, in the most chemistry-free non-romance ever seen on TV; and Cal, the super-competent director, about to unleash a fucking coyote in the studio. JEEZUS, what a moronic show. Yep, I'm good and done with this crap. Hooray for me!

Studio 60 is being pulled from the air soon, anyway, to make room for The Black Donnellys. If we, and television as a whole, are very lucky, this will be one of those "temporary hiatuses" that turns into a permanent vacation. And all these talented people will be able to find work for a show creator who isn't exorcising his personal relationship and workplace demons in the ugliest, clumsiest fashion possible.

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