Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sidebar Update. Now back on Saturday!

After an off-kilter updating schedule the past couple weeks, the Sidebar Update is back on Saturday where it belongs. And there was much rejoicing.

The Object(s) of My Affection this week are the skip and vice-skip* of the US Women's Olympic Curling team, Cassie and Jamie Johnson. They're such fresh-scrubbed little midwestern cuties! I'd like to blank their ends, if you know what I mean! (Wait, that makes no sense.) (Or does it???) (No, it really doesn't.)

Still reading that damn Jonathan Strange book. It's really good; it's just that it's taking me for-frickin-ever. Hey, it's a big book with small type! Don't judge me!

Watching American Movie again sometime this weekend. A buddy of mine introduced me to a couple of adorable young lady friends of his a couple weeks back (hello, Didi and Kristen), and it turns out they're producing a pilot for Comedy Central featuring American Movie's Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank. How cool is that? (Answer: very cool.) I can guarantee with 100% accuracy that this show will be awesome. Keep an eye out for it sometime this summer. My buddy's never seen American Movie, so I'm making him watch the DVD with me. It also is awesome, and if you haven't seen it, you really, really should.

Listening to The Presidents of the United States of America's first album, which, by a remarkable coincidence, is titled The Presidents of the United States of America. Great, funny, high-spirited stuff. As is their second album. As for the albums after that, I don't know. Never heard them. I probably should; I'm betting they also would rock my face.

And can we all agree on the Hating this week? This damn guy keeps popping up in the news, sending in video or audio tapes, making a mockery** of our "War on Terror". Why is he not dead yet? You kill this fucking guy, all is forgiven, Dubya. (Okay, not all. But a lot. Well, some.)

Lyric of the Week is from Supertramp's "Breakfast in America" (from the coincidentally-named album Breakfast in America). Every time I turn around this week, I hear this song. I've heard it, like, eight times in the past five days. I surrender, "Breakfast in America"!

And Barney gives some sage advice regarding mix CDs. Click the link to see the track list for Barney's ultimate "Get Psyched" mix.

*If both the skip and vice-skip are unable to serve, it falls to the Speaker of the House. HA! That's funny because "house" is a curling term. Oh, forget it.
**More of a mockery than it already is.

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