Monday, September 19, 2005

TV: One quick thought

I think I'm glad I didn't watch the Emmys live (or almost live on the West Coast) last night, because it just would've made me angry. Going over the list of winners this morning, I have to say I don't think one awards show has ever been so completely wrong in every category. James Spader over Ian McShane? That's the most blatant awards injustice since Ordinary People beat Raging Bull for the Best Picture Oscar.

Oh, man, it's just ridiculous. More awards for those damn Everybody Loves Raymond people. Another one for Tony Shalhoub. Another one for the Shat. It's not that I hate all -- or any -- of those people. It's just that they were so clearly undeserving in their categories. It's just a mockery. The voters aren't even trying to pretend they've got an ounce of awareness. What won last year? Ah, give it to 'em again. I don't have time to actually watch all the shows. Deadwood? Never heard of it! Jeremy Piven? Who's that? Hey, how about that very tall fellow with the deep voice from that Raymond show? Whenever he wins, he always tells jokes just like the ones they used to tell in the Catskills 40 years ago. I like that. It makes me feel warm and safe. Let's vote for him again!

Bah, I say! Bah, bug and hum! And just wait till you see how irritated I get after I actually watch the show!

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