Friday, September 16, 2005

META: Blogger sucks. Again.

Allow me to register a complaint about the new search bar function at the top of this blog. Blogger has screwed up a perfectly good, Google-powered search function by ditching Google and trying to create their own, infinitely shitty search engine. Now, instead of searching my own blog for key words, like it used to, and like I want it to, it returns a list of everything but my fucking blog.

God DAMN it!! So frustrating! And it's not like I'm accidentally pressing the "Search All Blogs" button -- I'm using the "Search This Blog" button. Not like there's a difference; they both return the same results. Neither of which have anything from MY blog! AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Okay -- now it's really pissing me off. I just searched for "tom the dog" -- and this blog is not on the list. (Not on the first ten pages of it, anyway, which is where I gave up.) Other blogs that have linked to me come up, but not this actual fucking blog fucking written by Tom the fucking Dog. (Although Tom's Corn Dog Emporium!! is my favorite-named near miss.)

Try Google! Try "tom the dog" on Google! You don't even need to put it in quotation marks! Try it, and what comes up as the top link? ME! I do! This blog! The one written by Tom the Dog!! Tom the Dog is the top Google result for tom the dog!! But not on Blogger's search machine. Oh, heaven forfend. I don't even fucking exist according to Blogger's search. "Tom the Dog n'existe pas," that's what Blogger says. (I'm imagining Blogger to be a snotty Frenchman right now.)

Is it just me? Have any of you other Blogspot bloggers ceased to be?

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