Saturday, September 18, 2004

TV: Justice League Unlimited

Tonight's Justice League Unlimited was pretty amazing. More heroes than we've seen since the premiere, and definitely the most we've seen in action (even more than last week's magic battle). And I love that they went back to Amazo: nice continuity!

Very nice voice casting, too. Robert Picardo returning as the golden android, and John C. McGinley, a favorite of mine from Scrubs, and of course Office Space, as the Atom. (I have to admit, he sounded a little wooden in the role -- but still, that's more than outweighed by the coolness factor.) And at least the Flash made an appearance. Even if he got his butt kicked in, like, a second. And he still didn't have any lines! Seriously, has Michael Rosenbaum been fired from the show or what? The Flash's humorous personality is sorely missed. [Spoiler text, just in case -- and apologies to those reading this on the feed, the spoiler text is formatted to the Blogspot color theme.] And holy crap, Amazo killed the Red Tornado! I know, I know, he's an android, I'm sure he has, like, a back-up body and a reboot disk -- but still, pretty damn brutal.

And how about that ending? I can't believe they brought back Hawkgirl. She hasn't been forgotten! Sweet! They even gave Maria Canals her proper space on the first page of the voice credits at the end; even though she's been missing in action, and had only a couple lines, she's still counted among the first-teamers. Good for her. (Bad for Rosenbaum!) Man, Dr. Fate's really screwing with Green Lantern, isn't he? This has got to be leading up to some high drama. Can't wait.

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