Thursday, September 02, 2004

COMICS: I do it all for you, gentle reader

Today at CBR, Larry Young's Loose Cannon column asks the following question of several comics bloggers:

Comics blogs seem to be a "what have you done for me lately" sort of thing in terms of attention, readership, and import. Cranking out content for eyeballs seems to weigh more one side than the other when it comes to telling both sides of a complex issue. How do you see your blog in relation to who you perceive as its audience?

Inexplicably, my response was left out of the article. (Possibly because I wasn't asked for one.) So, from the cutting room floor, my response:

Thanks for asking, first of all. It's always nice to be appreciated.

Second, my audience, judging from my referrer logs, appears to be about half people looking for pictures of Misty May's butt, while the other half -- and this is a subtle distinction -- is people looking for pictures of Misty May's ass.

I have no idea why.

But my role as I perceive it is to examine comic books from a point of view that my audience can identify with. Therefore, "Does this comic have a lot of asses in it?" is a question I will often ask of myself. Usually right out loud, in public. Sometimes in church. Fortunately, the answer is generally "Yes." (Or, "Please leave, you're disrupting the baptism.")

With the question of quantity resolved, I can then move on to quality. Are the asses shapely? Do the asses have superpowers? Do the asses talk? If Bendis is writing, do the asses talk way too much? Are the asses clad in form-fitting spandex, or possibly thongs? Are there any naked asses? Is one of them the Incredible Hulk's? Do the asses figure into the plot? If so, how? And is Chuck Austen writing this comic? Would this comic even exist if it were not for the asses? If not, is this comic Gen-13?

It certainly is a complex issue, Larry. And I have to admit I cover it from one side only: the backside. In fact, I'm even thinking of renaming my blog: You Know What I Like? Asses.

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