Friday, August 15, 2008

"I hammer war"

Hey, I know that guy! In issue #1 of the comic Fall of Cthulu: Godwar from Boom! Studios, fresh on the stands this week, there is a brief interview with pal Ian about his new position as an editor for the company -- complete with photo! Very cool, Ian. Congrats once again! Guess they haven't discovered you can't read yet. (Oops!)

Don't click this.

Here's a scan of the full page. I'm sure Ian was very pleased to have been included on the same page as a tribute to the late comics retailer Rory Root, whom Ian (and I) regarded with great esteem.

Click here!

Here's Ian's bit on its own. Click to biggie size so you can read the interview, and admire what a dashing young devil Mr. Brill is.

Click away!

And click here if you'd like to read the tribute to Rory at full size.

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