Sunday, August 12, 2007

Three straight days of mean

This is Zac Efron, the teen idol star of High School Musical and its upcoming sequel.

Really? This?

Now, I'm aware I'm not the target audience for this person's alleged charms. But I have to say, teen girls -- really?? This is what you're into? Because, to me, this doesn't say: "Hunky heartthrob." This says: "Gay, pan-faced alien." (To quote Eliot's description of David Gest on Scrubs.)

With a pinch of Clay Aiken.

Am I wrong? This dude is weird looking. There is something wrong with that mug. He's only 19, but it looks as though he was born with excessive plastic surgery. Zac Efron looks like David Gest and Joan Rivers genetically engineered a child together. And then dropped it on its face.

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