Monday, June 04, 2007

Neil Flynn, Officer of the Law

A tribute to Neil Flynn.

You seem unhappy. I like that.

He's gained a certain level of success and recognition these days as the Janitor on Scrubs. But it took him a long time to get to this point. A long time, and a lot of small roles... a lot of small, suspiciously similar roles. Here is a partial list of this long-suffering but law-abiding actor's credits, a list I like to call...

Neil Flynn: To Serve And To Protect.

Kung Fu: The Next Generation -- LAPD Officer

Sable -- Real Security Guard

Doogie Howser, M.D. -- Policeman #1

The Fugitive -- Transit Cop

Baby's Day Out -- Cop #1

To Sir, with Love II -- Detective Dennis

Chain Reaction -- State Trooper Nemitz

Seinfeld -- Cop #1

Early Edition -- Cop at Newsstand

Home Alone 3 -- Police Officer #1

Sliders -- Officer Phil

Then Came You -- Cop

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- Officer Yarnell

Brainwarp -- Detective Jim Fist

...and, of course, what must be his finest moment in fake law enforcement:

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy -- Police Officer (uncredited)

He doesn't even have to be credited to play a cop! He'll just show up on set, in uniform, and try to jump in front of the camera!

You'll have noted, of course, that if a script called for multiple law enforcement officials, Neil Flynn always played said law enforcement official #1. Never #2, or, god forbid, #3. That's taking pride in your work, people.

Here's to Neil Flynn: the most dedicated fake cop in the business.

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