Thursday, May 24, 2007

TV: Lost finale (no spoilers)


I hope those of you who gave up on Lost early on in this third season (and I admit, I was one of those loudly bitching -- but, as I've said before, I'm in to the end on this show, no matter what)... I hope you tuned back in over the past few weeks as word has gotten out how the show has returned to full awesomeness, and then some.

Because tonight's season finale ROCKED MY FACE, and then it KICKED MY FACE'S ASS.

I must've rewound the TiVo about a thousand times to replay some of the incredible moments sprinkled throughout the two hours. I won't describe those moments, because, as I said, no spoilers, at least not in this post. (Okay, one context-free mini-spoiler: HURLEY RULES.)

But this show is now hitting heights beyond anything since it was first revealed Locke used to be in a wheelchair. Things are paying off, big time, on several fronts. It is BACK, baby!!

Catch up on the DVD set when it comes out, if you have to, if you quit the show. Just trust me: this show has re-earned your loyalty. Catch up, and be ready for the fourth season! (Which sadly will not be until next January February.) Because I suspect the ass-kicking has just begun.

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