Friday, June 01, 2007

Butterscotch Supergirl

Jennifer Contino recently interviewed Tony Bedard, new writer of Supergirl, for The Pulse. His take on the character, and especially the sample sketches from new artist Renato Guedes, seem to be winning near unanimous praise from the comics blogosphere. Such as, say, from Journalista, or Dorian. The switch away from the hyper-sexualized depiction of Supergirl by such artists as Michael Turner, with his penchant for acres of bare skin and unnaturally elongated torsos, to the Guedes art, with a more natural, more clothed, less sexed-up Supergirl, is garnering high praise from all corners.

But I've been looking at these sketches, and, I don't know... I'm starting to wonder if Guedes has some artistic influences that suggest we're not out of the woods yet.

Hi! I have underwear!

Mine are smaller.

My tongue points down.

My tongue points up!

Not that there's anything wrong with Italian erotic artist extraordinaire Milo Manara, of course. I'm just sayin'. If sales on the title start dropping -- watch out!

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