Thursday, March 01, 2007

TV: Veronica Mars

Last night I got around to watching the second mini-season finale of Veronica Mars, in which the mystery of Dean O'Dell's murder is solved. I was up in the air on the suspects going into it, but it all became clear very early in the episode. Let me tell you when.

It's when T.A. Tim visits Professor Landry in his jail cell. Landry asks Tim to find out who planted the bug in his cell phone. Tim says, "Okay," and then, a second later, for one brief, easily missable moment, Tim's composure falters, and a tiny, microscopic smile touches the edges of Tim's mouth. Because, as we find out later, Tim planted the bug. The smile is there, and gone, almost before you can notice it. But it is definitely there. And that's when I knew Tim was the killer.

Great, subtle touch from actor James Jordan, and a nice wrap-up to the second mini-arc of the season. Too bad Veronica Mars is being shelved for the next few weeks to make way for this horseshit. Please do not watch it, or you will be awful and I will hate you.

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