Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TV: Heroes

Question about last Monday's episode of Heroes:

When Bennet, aka HRG --

Okay, let me digress right off the bat. Why is this guy commonly referred to as Horn Rimmed Glasses, or HRG for short, in TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, or wherever? As far as I know, it's a nickname that hasn't actually been applied to Bennett within the show. It's just weird to me that a character is almost universally known by a name that (again, as far as I recall) originated in publicity for the show, rather than on the show itself, either in dialogue or in the credits. (Even "Cigarette Smoking Man" was explicitly referred to as such in the credits for The X-Files, wasn't he?)

Okay, my question: when HRG shot Claude in the last episode, did it appear to anyone else that HRG was just as surprised by the gunshot as Claude? I don't think I've seen anyone else bring this up, so I thought I would. When the first shot is fired, Bennet -- sorry, HRG -- isn't really even aiming, and he reacts with a look of pure shock, as though the gun went off accidentally... or perhaps was made to go off by someone or something else? (Hey, you never know; this is Heroes, after all.) And when the second shot is fired, HRG doesn't look surprised (or as surprised), but it still seems to be accidental -- the gun goes off abruptly, right in the middle of HRG talking to Claude, when it seems HRG is not finished talking to Claude.

Just me? Or did anyone else notice this?

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