Thursday, March 09, 2006

TV: The Unit and Sons & Daughters

Last post before I leave on vacation. Miss me!

So, here's what I thought about The Unit, the new drama about an elite military strike team, created by David Mamet and Shawn Ryan (creator of The Shield), and starring the always-excellent Dennis Haysbert:

Didn't see it.

And here is what I thought about Sons & Daughters, the new semi-improvised comedy produced by Lorne Michaels:

Didn't see it.

If the networks are going to schedule the only two interesting new shows of the mid-season not only at the exact same time as each other, but also up against two other shows I'm already committed to, Scrubs and House, so that it's impossible for me to TiVo either one of them, I say screw 'em. I don't need your crappy new shows. Go suck an egg. So there.

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