Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TV: Arrested Development spoiler

Well, I just told you about missing a big revelation on Lost, and now I find out I've missed something huge on Arrested Development. (Or as Gob would say, "I've made a huge mistake.") This time, it was my sister who pointed it out to me. I had to go back and rewatch this week's episode when she told me, and my jaw dropped. It's by no means 100% confirmed... but I believe she's completely right about this.

But, since I didn't pick up on it, and neither did her husband, I'm classifying this as a spoiler. A pretty big one. Because I don't think we're the only ones who haven't noticed. All the clues are there, but I don't think the audience is meant to have caught on just yet. So I'll use good old fashioned spoiler text to tell you about it. If you're reading this on a feed, say at LiveJournal, where the background doesn't match the color of the spoiler text, just be aware you should skip the next bit if you don't want to know.


Michael's new girlfriend, Rita, played by Charlize Theron, doesn't teach at that private preschool. She attends preschool. She's mentally retarded.

Rewatch the episode, if you still have it recorded. Notice her animal backpacks. Look at the way she stands in front of the preschool, holding hands with the kids -- not as a teacher, but as their equal. Listen to her simple sentences; listen to Dave Thomas asking how Michael would feel if he messed with "some stupid person in your family." He isn't Rita's spymaster; he's Rita's protective father.

This is why she picked that goofy American restaurant -- she just likes eating donuts. She just likes riding the space shuttle. She's not concealing microphones in her crazy hats -- she wears crazy hats because she has a child's sense of style.

And another thing I noticed, which I'll bet even my sister missed: when the Bluth family dumps her on the bench, the bench has a big ad on it for "Wee Britain." When Michael finds her, she's sitting so that she conceals part of the sign -- it now reads, "Wee Brain."

OH MY GOD!! I can't believe how insanely clever this show is. I guarantee, I guarantee that this is right. The writers have pulled one over on us. They've absolutely blown my mind.

My sister is a genius. And if you already figured this out, so are you.

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