Thursday, September 29, 2005

TV: Thursday 8PM, or, What the Hell?

Seriously: what the hell?

There are certain times on certain nights when more than one show I'd like to watch are on at once. But at 8PM on Thursday, I would at least consider watching, if not actually watch, every single show if they were scheduled more reasonably.

Here's the rundown:

CBS: Survivor
ABC: Alias
NBC: Joey
Fox: The O.C.
WB: Smallville
UPN: Everybody Hates Chris and Love, Inc.

I understand a certain sense of healthy competition between the networks, but... I mean, they're just being dicks about it.

The O.C. would be my last choice. The reason why I never got into it when it first began was because it was up against too many other good shows. That continues in its third season. I found I liked the show when I rented it on DVD a little while back, but there's no way I'm going to make the effort to continue when I see the schedule, and know there's no way I'll ever watch it during the regular season. Why bother?

Joey, NBC's last, desperate stab at "Must See" TV, would be my next choice. It's kind of fun, but it's dumb, and I'm aware it's dumb, so even though I watched it last season, I'm cutting it loose this year.

Survivor would be the next choice. It's one of two reality shows I've ever enjoyed (The Amazing Race being the other). But it's grown old, and I can do without.

My next choices, and my most regrettable exclusions, are Everybody Hates Chris and Love, Inc. Good job with the scheduling, UPN, you dumb fucks. You actually produce two shows I like, and then you put them on death row. I hope you back down before you ruin the only good new thing happening on your channel this year.

That leaves Smallville and Alias, both of which I'm TiVoing. They're both a bit past their prime, I think, but I've got years of history with them, and they're both still very enjoyable. I mean, seriously, you think I'm going to miss the resolutions to last season's cliffhangers for either of those shows? Not bloody likely.

Well done, network honchos, well done indeed. What a mighty clusterfuck you've unleashed on the viewing public! Makes me glad I'm going out to play poker tonight. I think I need an evening away from television. You just make me so angry, TV!

Aw, I'm sorry, baby. You know I don't mean it.

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