Friday, October 07, 2005

META: Why I haven't posted at Blogcritics for a while

For a time there, I was crossposting a lot of my entries here over at Blogcritics. I'm not so enthusiastic about doing so anymore.

Sample comment from my review of Prison Break, posted by someone who has chosen to call himself "TomHater":

who the hell is Tom the Dog? Im sorry its no queer eye for the straight guy. maybe they will stop by and remodel the cells for them. what the hell! this tom guy just pisses me off. What else would you rather be watching, this is one of the better shows on tv right now. Freakin homo! jeeez i love how these people who have nothing better to do make a whole story about how a tv show sucks! after one episode! move out of your moms basement! get a job like the rest of us and tell us what tv shows are really good. "silly" who says silly?
Who says "homo," you freak? And FYI, it's not her basement, it's her garage.

Oh, I've said too much.

Blogcritics posts often come up near the top of Google searches for any particular show. Which means they're seen by a much higher percentage of idiots, whiners, and losers whose identities are so wrapped up in their worship of said shows that they must attack anyone whose opinion varies even one iota from their own. I mean, on the one hand, it's fairly laughable. But on the other hand, it's not something I feel like intentionally seeking out.

I'll probably post at Blogcritics again, but it doesn't seem nearly as fun or appealing as it used to.

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