Thursday, January 06, 2005

TV: Medium

I just found out that the new Patricia Arquette show Medium was created by Glenn Gordon Caron, who was responsible for two great programs, Moonlighting and Now and Again. Which is a shame, because as much as I'd like to support a new show from him, I find the concept of Medium thoroughly contemptible.

Just click on that link to see the NBC promo page. "Chilling new series inspired by a real story." "Inspired by real life research medium Allison DuBois." "Meet the real-life Allison, click here." That makes me fucking sick.

If they allowed that this was pure fiction (which it is), I might want to give the show a look. But they're pushing Medium as true to life, which is despicable. It is not a real story. It is a scam. "Research medium"? Bullshit. Con artist. This woman is a fucking leech, duping the gullible, claiming success when her vague, horoscope-style predictions can be twisted to fit one criminal case or another, manipulating the fears of victims for her own sick desires for fame, power, and money. And NBC is granting her all three with this show, throwing their whole-hearted endorsement behind this charlatan, who will now more easily be able to defraud the grief-stricken and bereft.

It disgusts and infuriates me, every bit as much as Crossing Over with that scumbag John Edward. I can only hope this blight on television is quickly sent to oblivion.

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