Sunday, July 23, 2006

COMICS: Things I've Learned At Comic-Con So Far

--Tobey Maguire is really short. I mean, really short. Like 4'11", even in heels.

--Frank Miller has a pet iguana that he wears on his shoulders at all times. Its name is "Pickles."

--Quentin Tarantino seems an odd choice to direct the Fraggle Rock motion picture.

--Peter Parker is going to be killed off at the end of Civil War, and Aunt May will don the spider costume in his memory.

--Batwoman isn't really a lesbian. But her boyfriend really likes to watch, so...

--Scott Kurtz reeks of death. And Pop Tarts.

--Brad Pitt will be playing Sasquatch in the upcoming Alpha Flight movie.

--Tom Spurgeon killed a guy.

--Kevin Smith really, really loves everything about himself. Even when he jokes that he doesn't. Especially when he jokes that he doesn't.*

--Superman's new costume will have a rainbow flag in place of the S. I don't know, that seems a little too on the nose to me.

--No, wait, actually Superman's new costume will consist of a crown of thorns and stigmata.

--Rosario Dawson is in a movie directed by a comics nerd, and is actually writing her own comic. This means she wants to date you.

--DC is following 52 with 365, a daily one-page comic drawn in crayon by children on the back of Denny's placemats.

--Firefly is so close to being brought back to TV. Please continue obsessing.

--Wonderfalls too.

--"Peter David" is the pseudonym of a little old Asian woman.

--The average con-goer smells like lavender.

Pretty impressive discoveries, huh? Imagine how much I might have learned if I actually had attended!

*This one is true. And maybe the Spurgeon one.

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