Monday, January 17, 2005

Links update

I have at long last gotten around to adding Websnark to my links list (so sue me for taking so long -- changing my template is tedious). I'm a frequent visitor, and greatly enjoy the reviews of the seemingly endless world of webcomics to be found there.

Also, I've added the brand new Clandestine Critic, a self-described cinema/comedy/comics blog created by David, #1, because he had the very good sense to link to my Golden Globes post, and #2, when talking about Oscar mistakes, he says, "they gave it to Helen Hunt for As Good As It Gets, which is so undeserving, I'm not going to link to it." Right on. Nobody's ever gone wrong in my book by dissing Helen Hunt.

Also, I've had to change the description at the top of my blog. Normally, I describe a perfect world as one in which "Scrubs is out on DVD." Well, as of May 17, this world will be a little less imperfect: Scrubs Season One, baby!!!

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