Friday, May 30, 2008

Here is a reason why I am not as depressed as the cartoon cat.

This is a thing that I did last night:

New album: Let's All Go To Bed

I went and saw The Mother Truckers at the Continental Club. And it was fun as hell. The co-lead singer, Teal Collins, plays a dang ukulele, for crying out loud! How can you not love that? It is impossible!

There was some filming going on during the concert. They were making a video for their new album. (Look for me in the crowd, I will be the handsome one.) The band told us that earlier in the day, they had done additional filming for the video, featuring four adult film actresses. These four women then came out on stage and danced for a couple of songs. I approved of that.

Also featured in the video (and I know Monty will appreciate this): the Hot Rod Honeys, one of Austin's Roller Derby teams.

Team Captain: Cat Tastrophe

A half dozen of these lovely young ladies also danced on stage for a couple of songs. And my approbation continued unabated.

As has previously been illustrated, pretty much any time I am at the Continental Club, it is awesome. I should go there more often.

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