Monday, May 26, 2008


Hey, so I'm watching New York, New York for the first time, and wondering what my buddy Ian, a huge Scorsese/De Niro fan, would have to say about it (since I don't think there are a ton of other people I know who have ever bothered to sit through this thing). And what should I find when I go browsing around the internet later but the official announcement that Ian has landed a big editorial position at BOOM! Studios.

Congratulations, Ian! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Now I can say, "I knew him when!" As in, "When we played Rampage! for four hours straight one day, for some reason." Or as in, "When he got really drunk at my apartment and pretended to be the voice of Silver Batman." Or as in, "When... all those other times we got drunk!"

Good for you, Mr. Brill. Hope you enjoy it, and I know you deserve it!

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