Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And what the hell was with that monkey Abraham Lincoln statue at the end of Planet of the Apes, you freak?

Dave posted an excellent long entry about fans who pitch fits about what they consider inappropriate changes or developments to their beloved original source of devotion. It's inspired by the hate mail he received over daring to make fun of the Transformers fans who are enraged over the Michael Bay movie, but he also lists a bunch of other things fans have vented their anger about, from Blue Beetle's death to Greedo shooting first (and to that list I would add the Starbuck's not a chick contingent). It's a very sensible, level-headed, rational post.

And it's got me all pissed off. Because in listing one thing that brought out the fanboy anger in himself, Dave hit one of my sore spots, too: namely, that in the first Tim Burton movie, Batman goes around killing people. Just dropping bombs at their feet and blowing them to kingdom come.

I don't care if you can show me a comic from 65 years ago where Bob Kane had Batman shooting people in the face. It's just wrong, wrong, WRONG! BATMAN DOESN'T KILL PEOPLE!! GOD DAMN YOU TIM BURTON!!!

Ah, that feels better.

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