Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Sidebar Update. Back on Saturday!

I've been infatuated with Paget Brewster for quite a while. She used to host a late-night talk show in the Bay Area back in the early 90s, before she even got into acting. I'd get off my waiting job after the dinner shift and come home and put Paget on the TV and all would be right in the world. I didn't give a rat's ass about her idiot guests -- I just thought she was adorable. She then went on to Friends, and later one of the all-time great cancelled-too-soon series, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. And she's currently in Huff, the only reason I could possibly have to subscribe to Showtime. (But I still won't. Showtime sucks.)

I'm still finishing up the Kotzwinkle book, but next I'm planning on moving onto Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. I've started reading it once or twice; I've stopped not because it's bad (which it certainly isn't), but because it's so dense and requires so much attention that my easily-distracted self would put it down for a week, pick it up again, and have no idea what was going on. I need to dedicate myself to getting through it this time. It'll still probably take forever. And there are two more books in the series!

Finally watched the Harry Potter movie. I liked it a lot. I'll try to post a review some time this weekend, though anyone who would be interested has surely seen it by now.

I don't actually own Ween's Chocolate & Cheese album, but a friend of mine has been playing it for me, and I need to go buy it. Plus, nice album cover.

Bill O'Reilly is once again making a stink about the fake War on Christmas. There's no goddam war!! Idiot. If anyone is starting a war, he is. O'Reilly claiming Christmas is being attacked is like Hitler saying Poland started it.

And Lyric of the Week is from Red Hot Chili Peppers. And that's it!

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