Friday, January 12, 2007

Sidebar Maintenance; Fall 2006 TV Reviews

I've spent the past couple hours tidying up the sidebar to this blog. Tedious work, which is why I always let it go for so long.

I got rid of a bunch of links to other blogs, primarily because the blogs have been abandoned. If I got rid of your link, and you merely moved your blog to a different address without my noticing, please let me know.

And I removed all the individual links to my reviews of the Fall 2006 TV Season. That project kind of stalled out, didn't it? I didn't come anywhere near the completeness of my 2005 effort. A lot of life got in the way of the blog during the last half of 2006. I never got the chance to see a lot of shows (and, since most of those were the victims of quick cancellation, I have to assume I didn't miss much), and for some of the shows that I did watch, I never got around to writing an official review. Oh well.

Now, there's just an overall link to the reviews I managed to complete, which directs you -- here! Below is the list of all the new Fall 2006 network shows, and links to my reviews, if reviews were ever written.

See you tomorrow with the post-game report on my second episode of 1 Vs. 100!

Brothers & Sisters (Accidental Free Pass)
Help Me Help You
Men in Trees
The Nine
Six Degrees
Ugly Betty

The Class

30 Rock
Friday Night Lights (Accidental Free Pass)
Kidnapped (Accidental Free Pass)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Twenty Good Years

Happy Hour
'Til Death
Vanished (Official Free Pass)

The CW
The Game (Accidental Free Pass)
Runaway (Accidental Free Pass)
Sorry, the CW!

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