Monday, November 20, 2006

Yet Another 1 Vs. 100 Update

The people at 1 Vs. 100 called me. That's good!

They didn't call me to be a contestant. That's bad!

They did call me to be part of the 100 (aka "the Mob")! That's good!

The Mob contains potassium benzoate.


That's bad.

So, here's the deal. Tomorrow at 1PM, I go down to the Culver Studios again, this time where they will be taping the actual show. I will be one of many, many potential Mob members there. If all goes well -- time and gameplay permitting, etc. -- I will be on 1 Vs. 100 as one of the 100 players in the Mob. Yay!

This is still not a guarantee I'll get on the show. Although I do know there are three call times for potential Mob members, and mine is the second, so that suggests, if they go in order, using up everyone for the first call time, then the second, then the third, I've got a pretty good shot. And of course, once I'm on the show, there's no guarantee I'll win anything. It's tough to win any money when you're in the Mob, and even when you do, it's not very much. The maximum ever won by a Mob member is around $6,000. But hey, that's six grand I don't have right now. I'll take it! Also, apparently the producers have been fine-tuning the show's rules, making it more difficult for the 1 to walk away with the money without risking it against the Mob. Which is also good news for me.

I'll give you more information when I can. I'll be gone tomorrow, and maybe -- if I get on the show, if I keep answering questions correctly, if they call me back -- Wednesday as well. And then of course Thursday is Turkey Day. So, in all likelihood, this'll be the last update until this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, and wish me well. Come Thursday, I would like to be thankful for a buttload of free money!

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