Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Awe--wait for it--some.

Another reason why How I Met Your Mother is so fantastic: in Barney's blog entry for last night's episode, the joke about Barney's name continues (on the show, Ted and Marshall began calling Barney "Swarley;" Barney tried to pretend he liked the new nickname in order to make them stop using it).

But they go that extra step into genius. "Y not check out SWARLEY.COM," Barney's blog entry asks. Well, go ahead and check it out: Swarley.com. They actually created a new website to play off a single-episode joke. I love that! That is tremendous. Great use of the internet. Great sitcom, having a great second season.

By the way, Neil Patrick Harris is gay. Have you heard? From, like, every website in the world? Net change that knowledge makes in the enjoyment of the character of Barney, and How I Met Your Mother in general: none. Barney rules. Suit up!

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