Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comic Weblog Updates

Here is a question of absolutely no interest or relevance to anyone but other comics-type webloggers:

What is the deal with the Comic Weblog Updates page recently? It keeps listing websites as updated, even when they haven't updated for days. Very frustrating.

Also, it keeps on double-updating my blog (and apparently everyone else's). Used to be, you could make a cutesy statement when you pinged your blog through blo.gs. Like, "Tom the Dog hates Dr. Phil with the fury of a thousand suns," or "Tom the Dog watches entirely too much TV," or "Tom the Dog and the Temple of Doom," or whatever. Now, when I do that, the goofy version is listed on Comic Weblog Updates for about an hour, then blo.gs re-pings the site, and it goes back to the default "Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like?" Same for every other blog, it looks like. Is this a problem with blo.gs, or Comic Weblog Updates, or what?

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