Sunday, January 14, 2007

Coming Attractions

Well, looks like they didn't air my third episode of 1 Vs. 100 tonight after all. TiVo lied to me! And after all we've been through. Sorry if I made you tune in to Deal Or No Deal instead. Hopefully, my show will be rescheduled for Friday. [EDIT: I see my TiVo recorded Deal Or No Deal, but the program description is still for 1 Vs. 100: "A Kentucky woman plays for $1 million against a mob that includes actor Jeff Conaway, members of Sha Na Na and former "Apprentice" contestants."]

Nothing much else to say tonight. Coming soon: the second half of my look at my second appearance on 1 Vs. 100.

Also coming soon:

--The excursion Ian and I made to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in L.A., where host Jimmy Pardo and a panel of six comedians played an honest-to-goodness brand-new stage version of the classic TV game show Match Game -- and Ian even got picked to be one of the contestants!

--A new Sidebar Update.

--A new List of the Week.

--And of course my epic Minute-By-Minute coverage of the Golden Globes Awards, beginning with the red carpet pre-show at 7PM (PST) tomorrow night! Much fun is guaranteed. (Much more fun than actually watching the show. Especially if you get as drunk as I'm going to be.)

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