Saturday, May 14, 2005

TV: Star Trek: Enterprise

Welp. I wasn't around to set the recorder for last night's two-hour finale of Enterprise. So I missed it. But I wasn't worried -- UPN always repeats the episode on Sunday.

But UPN isn't replaying it on Sunday. According to TiVo, they're not replaying it at all. They're running Phantom Fucking Menace instead.

Thanks a pantsload, UPN. That's one final "fuck you right in the eye" to the Star Trek fans. "We could rerun the finale of the latest TV incarnation of the biggest moneymaker in our history, or we could show you the shittiest installment of that other science fiction series instead. What's the difference? P.S.: Fuck you. Right in your goddam eye."

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone have the finale of Enterprise still recorded?

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