Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's Hembecktastic!

I told you back in October how excited I was that this book would soon be coming out:

Book is actually bigger than Fred Hembeck himself

It did come out, a couple months ago,and I finally was able to get myself a copy yesterday.

I am happy.

If the value of books could be broken down into cost per word, this would probably be the greatest bargain in the history of publishing. I expect to be reading this tome well into 2009. Man, that Hembeck guy likes to pack his word balloons! And if it could be broken down into laughs, or sheer glee, well, it would be a darn good bargain by those standards, too.

This book is a wonderful thing. It's pure fun, plain and simple. It makes me glad to read comics. You should go get it, but then again, if you're a comics fan, you surely already have it. Great stuff, Fred!

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