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TV: Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

When the TV networks announce their new Fall Seasons, they generally don't come right out and tell you which shows have been cancelled to make way for the new ones. They don't like to talk about the failures. So they leave it up to us to figure out, by process of elimination. For example, The CW didn't say Veronica Mars is cancelled; they just listed everything that was going to be on their channel next year, and Veronica wasn't on the list.

Here's a complete list of which shows that aired during the 2006-2007 season are not coming back next year. The list was compiled with the help of Laurel's TV Picks -- and by "the help of," I mean, "She did all the work, and I just added the two shows I noticed she missed, The Class and The Knights of Prosperity." Every year, when I go through my new TV rundown, Laurel's website proves to be an invaluable tool. Check out her nifty, shiny grid for the new Fall Season!

Anywho, the cancelled shows:

20 Good Years
Man, it seems like 20 bad years ago (see what I did there???) that this show aired. I had forgotten all about it. Now, reminded freshly of its awfulness, I hurt all over again.
3 lbs
Oh, yeah, the Stanley Tucci show. That barely even aired.
According To Jim
All of Us
I don't even know what this is.
Andy Barker, P.I.
Now, this is a damn shame. This was very, very funny; Andy Richter and Tony Hale were fantastic. I'm amazed NBC didn't give this more of a chance, especially considering the overall success of their return to Thursday night comedies. Looks like they only want comedy on Thursday night, and since they already had four sitcoms, this one had to go. (NBC is not introducing a single new half-hour comedy to their Fall schedule.)
The Apprentice
Don't celebrate yet; Laurel warns us, "NBC says it might be back after all." Please, no!!!
Big Day
Just barely remember this one. This was about the wedding, right? Looked so awful, even I didn't watch it.
The Black Donnellys
To borrow a term from Tim Goodman, I TiNoed this show -- which means I kept recording the episodes on TiVo, but never watched them. I eventually deleted them all, unwatched. Maybe I would've liked the show, but then I would only be disappointed that it's gone.
The Class
I'm surprised to find myself very disappointed by this cancellation. When this show first aired, I declared it to be one of the worst shows of the new season. But then, somewhere around mid-season, I tuned into an episode out of pure laziness, and I found myself liking it. And the more I watched, the more I liked it, to the point where I thought it was pretty darn good. Too bad.
Close To Home
I'm puzzled by this. I thought this was a relative success for CBS. Not that I ever watched it (beyond the first two episodes).
Crossing Jordan
It's about time this one went away for good. Every year for the past five years, I've assumed this show was cancelled, but NBC kept sneaking it back on the air when I wasn't looking. Not that it was a bad show (although, at times, well... it was), but I'm not sad to see this zombie put into its grave, once and for all.
Day Break
Ah, the detritus of ABC's grand plan to bridge the gap between Lost's split season. Final result: this show was prematurely cancelled, and Lost lost a buttload of viewers due to the extended break. Well played, ABC!
This show never had a chance, especially the way Fox dumped it on the airwaves unceremoniously, with its first three episodes airing over two nights, a schedule which only those actively seeking it out (like me) would follow. Its last two episodes are set to air on the Fourth of July. Yeah, lot of TV watching going on that night; nothing interesting happening outside, or anything. What a pleasant final "Screw you" from Fox.
Extreme Makeover
Good riddance.
George Lopez
Or, as I like to call it, According To Jim with Hispanics. Not a big loss to television.
Gilmore Girls
Some would say, this cancellation came a year too late. I'd be more inclined to say it came two or three years too late. But then, I'm mean.
Grease: You’re the One That I Want
Does anyone care?
The Great American Dream Vote
I don't have the slightest idea what this is.
Happy Hour
I considered this the least awful of Fox's live action comedies. Still wasn't really good.
Help Me Help You
Took me a while to remember this was the Ted Danson sitcom. Well, now he can go back to Becker full time. They're still making new episodes of that show, aren't they?
In Case of Emergency
ABC's companion show to Knights of Prosperity. About a fifth of the quality, yet it lasted months longer. Shame.
Kind of surprising. This seemed like a decent hit at first, then it went away for a long time, and when it came back, it tanked in the ratings. That seems to be happening a lot more frequently over the past couple of years than it used to. Viewer loyalty is way way down. Hopefully the networks will pick up on that, and adjust their schedules accordingly.
Another show I barely remember.
As is this one. I boldly predicted who the bad guy was going to be during my Unfair Preview of the show last year. I wonder if I would've turned out to be right.
King of Queens
Eh. It was okay filler-TV -- something you watch when there's nothing else on -- but it was never appointment TV for me, despite the presence of Patton Oswalt, who is awesome, and (for a long time) Nicole Sullivan, whom I love.
The Knights of Prosperity
Damn shame, but this one has been dead and buried for a while now. I'm through mourning it.
The Nine
The show many critics picked as one of the biggest winners of the 2006 Fall Season. Whoops! It started spinning its wheels by the second episode, and I wasn't all that interested in the first episode to begin with.
The O.C.
Don't care.
No big surprise there, though I did like the first episode a great deal. Also, it had Nicole Sullivan, whom, as I may have already said, I love.
The Real Wedding Crashers
Every time a promo for this show came on, I started yelling at my TV set. This was an unforgivably awful idea, and I rejoice in its quick cancellation.
The Rich List
This was a true missed opportunity, which most likely none of you even remember. I thought this was a very clever and engaging game show, but Fox aired exactly one episode of it before yanking it. Ouch.
One of those CW shows I never watched.
Seventh Heaven
As was this. Actually, I used to watch it, about seventeen years ago. I can't believe how long it kept avoiding the axe. Goodbye for good.
Show Me The Money
Wow, William Shatner plus a Cuba Gooding, Jr. catchphrase did not equal ratings gold. Who'd have believed it?
Six Degrees
I thought this was cancelled months ago, yet ABC started airing new episodes again recently. I guess they ran out of other shit to put on the air.
Another show I can barely remember.
Here's a show I don't remember at all. Oh, shoot, just as I was typing that I remembered that it was about hostage negotiators, starring Ron Livingston. Still, it was terrible, so good riddance.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore! Yes, this inexplicably, awe-inspiringly horrible show has officially been killed. I loved this show when it first aired, I admit it. As did many critics. But it quickly devolved into a bizarre spectacle which I could only watch in order to rip it apart afterward. One of the best casts ever assembled for a TV show, absolutely squandered by the boundless ego of Aaron Sorkin. What a pity.
Thank God You're Here
Thank god it's gone!
It did.
Veronica Mars
Another damn shame. But I've been prepared for this one for a long while. I think it's okay for it to end, really. It was its time to go.
The Wedding Bells
Another wedding show I never watched.
What About Brian
What about him?

If you think of any not on the list, let me know. And tell me: what are your biggest disappointments here? Which shows do you really wish were coming back? And which couldn't be cancelled quickly enough for you?

I'll be back soon (probably Monday) with my Unfair Previews of next season's new shows.

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